• 9:30 Contemporary Choir: Do you love to worship? Have you thought about joining the worship team but maybe you don’t have much experience singing? Or maybe you’re too shy to sing on a microphone. Well, we are starting a contemporary choir in the 9:30 contemporary service. You can sign up here. If you would like more information, contact Jake Wilders at jwilders@nicevilleumc.org or 678-4411 ext. 164.

Welcome to Creative Arts Ministry! Hopefully you’re able to find everything you need within the context of these pages. If not, please feel free to contact me, Jeremy Smith, at jsmith@nicevilleumc.org, and I’ll be happy to help you however I can. As the Creative Arts ministry area of Niceville UMC, we do everything you see in our weekend worship services, from worship bands to camera operators, from running the sound board to creative elements such as dance, video, and drama, and everything in-between.

Our passion and reason for existing as a ministry is to "Connect people to Christ through the Arts." We are all about re-connecting the arts with God to provide opportunities for people to Meet Christ in the church and the community. We believe God is the ultimately creative One, and so our goal is to honor Him and reflect Him by being as creative as we can possibly be in getting His good news about Jesus out to as many people as possible.

We believe there are a lot of other creative artists out there as well who God is leading to join our team in helping us do this, which is where you come in. Everybody is creative in their own way, and we'd love to provide an opportunity for you to express the creative, or technical, gifts that God has given you; so make sure you check out all the opportunities to Join a Team on the side of this page. If we don’t offer something you are gifted in, then just contact me and we’ll see how we can get you plugged in!

Thanks again for checking us out! I look forward to all the creative things God is going to do through this church, and your involvement, in the future!

Jeremy Smith
Teaching Pastor
850-678-4411, ext. 112



Interested in serving in Contemporary Worship in some capacity?

Contact Jeremy Smith - jsmith@nicevilleumc.org

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