Building a Community

Please check back for more information about this aspect of our mission. In the meantime, did you know the meaning behind our logo?

markThe Niceville UMC logo is designed to be both expressive and reflective of our church's mission and values:


"Connecting People to Christ" is represented first through the implied cross formed at the center of the mark. Secondly, the additional shapes are varied in size and position. They reflect diversity of people, gifts, abilities, and calling, while their relative location forms a circle that symbolizes unity and Christ-centeredness. There is a sense of movement and energy created by this mark as the elements point both inward and outward, reflecting the active work of Christ in the life of our church, our people, and our community. The shapes are not intended to be exactly symmetric. The innerplay between the mark and the type is apparent and intentional. The lowercase "niceville umc" and the combination of bold, light and handwritten fonts provide interest and mirror the shapes and strokes of the mark itself. The logo is warm, friendly, and relational, and reflects the culture of both our church and our community.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision, "Connecting People to Christ," embraces the essence of these four words, laying the foundation for everything we do. The concept of following this basic charge from Christ (Matthew 28:16-20) has been around since the church began. Some know it as The Great Commission. Bottom-line, there is no greater vision than helping people get connected to Jesus. That's all that ultimately matters! So, what does this vision look like in action?

Mission Statement

Our mission statement contains our four key values: "To build a community where people can come as they are, meet Christ, grow in their faith, and find a place to serve."

We are passionately connecting people to Christ by . . .
. . . welcoming everyone just as they are by providing a caring community encourages deeper connections. (Come As They Are)

. . . inviting people to experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. (Meet Christ)

. . . training Christians to grow spiritually through worship, personal devotion, fellowship, study, and giving. (Grow in Their Faith

. . . involving people in significant areas of service according to their spiritual gifting. (Find a Place to Serve)

Niceville UMC logo (do not copy)This logo is not to be copied from the web site. This image is a low resolution representation for information only.

The logo was designed by Details Communications, Birmingham, AL


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