Our Vision and Mission

Rev. Rurel Ausley, Lead PastorA word about vision, mission and values from our
Lead Pastor, Rev. Rurel Ausley

"Connecting People to Christ"

Simply put, our vision embraces the essence of these four words, laying the foundation for everything we do.

It’s not a new concept—it’s just a new way of saying it. The concept of following this basic charge from Christ (Matthew 28:16-20) has been around since the church began. Some know it as The Great Commission.

Bottomline—there is no greater vision than helping people get connected to Jesus. That's all that ultimately matters!

So, what does this vision look like in action? Here's our mission statement, which contains our four key values:

mark"To build a community where people can
come as they are, meet Christ, grow in their faith,
and find a place to serve."

Check out each value in the menu at left to learn the outworkings of our mission here at Niceville UMC and how you can get connected!

We especially encourage you to attend our "Discover Class" for an opportunity to learn more about our church and to unpack these four values in greater detail. Come get your questions answered! This class is open to anyone and is also required for membership (if/when you are ready to join).

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