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August 30-31 "Love is War" (Smith) & "The Night the Jailhouse Rocked" (Ausley)
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Expectaton GapExpectation Gap

We all live in a gap. The gap between what we expect and what we experience. It's where our dreams die and passions fade. It's often the birthplace of our frustration, disappointment, and discouragement. But there's a solution. There is a way to reconcile this space between. In this series we learn about the Expectation Gap – and the God who is able to bridge it all.

Date(s) Message Title 9:32 & 11:02 Videos Audio Files (MP3) "Connect"
Study Notes (PDF)
Sept. 6-7 Everything I've Ever Done      
Sept. 13-14 The Greatest Source
of My Frustration
Sept. 20-21 Even Now Somehow      
Sept. 27-28 Seat of Honor      

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