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The "I AM" Sayings of Jesus

I AM series graphicHave you ever noticed that sometimes Jesus says weird things in the Bible? For instance, in the Gospel of John, 7 times Jesus makes the statement "I am" and then gives a descriptor for Himself. Why does He do that? What was He trying to tell us about who He is, and who God is?

Join us over the summer as we take an in-depth look into who Jesus says He is.

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May 31-
June 1

I Am Who I Am

Rurel AusleyJeremy Smith

RurelJeremy Smith

Ausley | Smith

June 7-8

The Bread


Supplemental Video:
Water 282
Water 282

Jeremy SmithRurel Ausley


Jeremy SmithRurel

Smith | Ausley

June 14-15

The Light

Jeremy SmithRurel Ausley

Jeremy SmithRurel

Smith | Ausley

June 21-22

[ VBS Children's Celebration Weekend ]
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June 28-29

The Door

Rurel AusleyGreg McKinnon

Greg McKinnonRurel

Ausley | McKinnon

July 5-6

The Shepherd

Rev. Jeremy Smith Rev. Greg McKinnon Jeremy SmithGreg McKinnon

Smith | McKinnon

July 12-13

The Resurrection

Jeremy SmithRev. Rurel Ausley

Jeremy SmithRurel

Smith | Ausley

July 19-20

The Way

Rev. Rurel AusleyRev. Greg McKinnon

RurelGreg McKinnon

Ausley | McKinnon

July 26-27

[ Missions Conference ]
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Aug. 2-3

The Vine




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