Rev. John Edward (Ed) Chandler

Church Counselor

Rev. John Edward (Ed) ChandlerRev. Chandler is a native of Monroeville, Alabama, and his wife, Sylvia, is from Excel, Alabama. They have three children, Wanda, Sharon, and John.

He attended the University of Alabama, Asbury College, and Asbury Theological Seminary. In the years after graduating from Seminary, he completed further graduate study in Personal and Family Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Alcohol Problems, Suicide Prevention, Sexual Dysfunction, Sexual Abuse, Problems of Sexual Orientation, and Career Changes.

Rev. Chandler has 50 years of service in the United Methodist Church. From 1983 to 1998, he was the Senior Pastor at Niceville United Methodist Church. He was also a counselor during this time. Since 1998, he has been on the church staff as a counselor. For more than 25 years, Rev. Chandler has also taught stewardship seminars in churches across the country.



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